Conceptualizing Blockchains (Co-Blo)

The research project Conceptualizing Blockchains brings together researchers of digital media and communication, applied linguistics,  digital economies and business, accounting and finances, and games and culture. Our common goal is to shed light on how ideas and concepts of specific cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in general are constructed, discussed, and applied in the society.

This multidisciplinarity allows us to present a multi-dimensional picture of blockchain technology adoption, which can be seen from different conceptual angles. Together, we discuss the problems of anonymity and digital identity, safety and financial literacy, gaming and gambling, ownership and intellectual property rights.

Conceptualizing Blockchains have produced a number of presentations and publications in 2019. Implemented methodology includes both quantitative statistical methods and qualitative research of linguistic and cultural context in a variety of texts, such as annual company reports, publications in Finnish and international press, and social media (e.g. Twitter). These tools allow us to foresee societal consequences of distributed public ledgers and ground our ideas in sound empirical research.

Directions of research

  • Stages and narratives of blockchain adoption in organizations;
  • Representations of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in journalism;
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin in social media: adoption and public mood;
  • Values of cryptocurrencies and the public discourse;
  • Digital rhetorics of cryptocurrency markets;
  • Networks and communities on and around blockchain platforms; 
  • Societal consequences of blockchain technologies, and more. 

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Critical Finance Studies

Critical finance scholars are accustomed to questioning the dominant narratives that surround finance. Often, they challenge the belief that finance could be beneficial to society, if only it were regulated effectively – and if only everyone had sufficient financial knowledge.


Exploring Blockchain in the Cultural Sector

The aim of the event is to encourage ideation and critical examination of the blockchain technology, highlight its potentials, barriers and critiques. It will provide an accessible way into the blockchain field for researchers and practitioners, professionals and students.

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