11. The role of dialogue in regional development: Managing innovation activities

This group is bilingual, so we welcome abstracts in both English and Finnish!

Dialogue is an important aspect of regional development and may seriously alter the course of regions, when applied accordingly. Whether It is city development, or the voice of rural residents, dialogue is a way to exchange ideas and formulate a plan, where people become part of the development process. This may relate to innovation activities and network building, or simply help in developing the local neighbourhood. It is therefore important to study the means how one could participate various actors and make an ongoing dialogue, which acts as means for a change and innovative solutions.

This group welcomes abstracts, which show examples how dialogue can be turned into an asset in regional development and innovation activities and how one can utilise different methods of participation in order to foster growth. Effective engagement requires different types of activities and it is beneficial to see through examples, how some of these are implemented and how they may help in managing development activities. Alongside traditional abstracts and theoretical topics this group also welcomes abstracts with a more “hands-on” approaches, where practical examples are at the forefront.

Abstracts of max. 300 words can be submitted by 7.10.2020 to the chair of the working group:

Dr. Antti Mäenpää, School of Management, Regional Studies, antti.maenpaa@univaasa.fi