Terms and conditions – working with terminology during a pandemic

Convenor: European Association for Terminology (EAFT)


Gearóid Ó Cleircín (Dublin City University): Cocooning, sheltering or nesting? Doing terminology work during a pandemic

M. Antònia Julià, Cristina Bofill & Sandra Cuadrado (TERMCAT): Terms and conditions – cocreating and launching Catalan terminology ‘COVID-19: key concepts’ during the pandemic and lockdown

Mojca Žagar Karer (Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language): The COVID-19 pandemic and determinologisation

Anca-Marina Velicu (University of Bucharest): About viruses, contacts and Covid-19: terminological issues


Call for papers

The current pandemic has affected society and many ways, and also led to changes in how work is performed. In this workshop, we would like to exchange experiences of working with terminology during the pandemic. Some of the questions the seminar will tackle are

  • Problems and solutions for working with terminology on-line
  • Consequences of the pandemic for terminology work
  • Consequences of the pandemic for the terminology in itself (term creation etc.)

The workshop could also serve as a preparation for the EAFT Summit which has as its theme ‘Terminology in Challenging Circumstances’ (which has been postponed to November 2021).